Reality, not fiction

VEJA is based on a very simple observation: 70% of the cost of a normal big sneaker brand is related to advertising.

Wata Suede

Wata Suede Lookbook, Fall-Winter 2017

© Vincent Desailly

Eliminating ads, marketing costs, doing away with brand ambassadors, billboards, means investing in reality rather than fiction. It means working back up the production chain and changing it. It means spending more time on the ground, rather than investing in smoke and mirrors.

Sneakers that are
5 times more real

Our factory's assembly linePorto Alegre, 2017

It costs 5 to 7 times more to make a VEJA, because the raw materials are environmentally friendly and purchased according to fair trade principles, because the sneakers are produced in factories with high social standards.

Since we've eliminated advertising, the sneaker is sold in stores for the same price as competing big brands.

Our factory's assembly line

Our factory's assembly linePorto Alegre, 2017

V-10 White Nautico Pekin

V-10 Extra White Nautico Pekin Lookbook Spring-Summer 2016

© Vincent Desailly.

The heart of the VEJA model: reinject the amounts normally allocated to advertising into the phase that comes before the assembly line.

Raw material producers are thus more justly compensated, social and environmental impacts are constantly optimized, and sneakers are manufactured in conditions where everyone gets the respect they deserve.

Wild rubber harvested by seringueiros

Wild rubber harvested by seringueirosAmazon, 2016

© Ludovic Carème

Le caoutchouc sauvage récolté par les seringueiros

Cotton flower at harvest timeCeará, 2016

© Ludovic Carème

At VEJA, instead of relying on marketing hype to have an impact, we'd rather rely on collective intelligence.