Deconstructing the sneakers
to reinvent it

We deconstructed and re-examined everything that goes into making a sneaker, all the way back up the production chain.

Connecting extraordinary projects

Un seringueiro saignant un hévéas

Sr ManoelCotton producer in Riacho do Meio, Choro
Ceará, 2016

© Ludovic Carème

Un seringueiro saignant un hévéa

A seringueiro tapping a rubber tree Amazon, 2016

© Ludovic Carème

The VEJA project consists in going back up the sneaker production chain all the way to the raw materials they're made with, and then rebuilding this sneaker by adding a positive impact to every stage of the production chain: harvesting organic cotton for the canvas, buying wild rubber directly from the Amazon forest, warehousing and dispatching the sneakers all over the world through ASF, a social reintegration association located on the outskirts of Paris.


EkaterinaLogistics assistant, Atelier Sans Frontières. Under permanent contract since 2017, following a subsidized employment contract that started in 2014.

© Xavier Faltot, video still

Reality must prevail
over fiction

Sébastien and GhislainAmazon, 2016

© Studio VEJA

When you deconstruct a product, and you have a truly transparent approach, reality becomes more fascinating than any advertising fiction or marketing story. And that's also what we're trying to prove with VEJA: describing reality is always more interesting that trying to make up stories about your own product.

We're quite aware that today, reality has become a new approach to marketing, and that some brands describe a partial, or enhanced reality.

V-12 Pixel Burgundy

V-12 Pixel Burgundy launched in 2017

© Studio VEJA


V-10 White Nautico Pékin Lookbook Fall-Winter 2016

© Charlotte Lapalus

When we started in 2004, discussions about the environment and social impact fell on deaf ears. Now, everyone realizes it's absolutely crucial. That's why we never talk about the future. We have always wanted more reality and more truth. We never talk about what we're going to do, it would feel too much like greenwashing. Our company is not about empty promises and hot air. It's a hard rule we have at VEJA: we only talk about what we've already accomplished and we only work on what we're going to do next.

SDU B-mesh Nautico Black

SDU B-mesh Nautico Black launched in 2017

© Studio VEJA