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The VEJA Project

Since 2005, VEJA has been creating sneakers in a different way, mixing social projects, economic justice, and ecological materials.

VEJA uses Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton for the canvas and laces, Amazonian rubber for the soles, and various innovative materials conceived in recycled plastic bottles or recycled polyester.

VEJA sneakers are produced in high-standard factories in Brazil. Part of VEJA’s logistics is managed by Log’ins, a professional and social inclusion company.

The latest news of the VEJA project

VEJA’s story: Behind the Amazonian rubber.

18 years ago, VEJA’s founders decided to travel to the Amazon rainforest and meet the producers of wild rubber in person, the same rubber we use in every one of our VEJA soles.

What is real transparency?

Since 2008 VEJA tests the chemical products that are in the sneakers. Our sneakers pass a lot of chemical tests to be sure of what is inside the shoes.


9 months of hard work, a lot of meetings with architects, water leaks all over the place, delays because of 1000 reasons, but we did it.​