Reinventing the sneaker

The idea behind a pair of VEJA: standing up with
one foot in design and the other in
social responsibility.

Refusing to choose between
design and social responsibility

« VEJA is a maverick. The creation of VEJA, in 2005, happened during the Internet bubble: a lot of our friends were working either for start-ups or Internet-related businesses. This collective infatuation with the virtual pushed us in the opposite direction, towards the reinvention of a"brick & mortar product". »


V-10 x Bleu de Paname, 2016

© Vincent Dessailly


Backstage studio - V-12 Extra White Marsala Nautico ,
Lookbook Fall-Winter 2017

© Vincent Dessailly

Making shoes differently was us saying that everything had to be redone from scratch, that nothing was to be taken for granted. And it started happening: food, cars, consumer products in general are changing their production methods.

The way these goods are made is more and more important. That's what our project is about, making what we want the world to become.

Lookbook Automne-Hiver 2017

V-10 Extra-White Natural , Lookbook Fall-Winter 2017

© Vincent Desailly

Taking the time

Sketch of the Roraima style

© Sketch Studio VEJA

We take longer to design our shoes than other big brands.

We love designing sneakers that we'll be proud to wear in 10 years. The attention we bring to each step of the manufacturing process is thorough. We weren't designers at first, but we simply put in the time and that's what we became.

19 styles

have been designed since VEJA was created



Launch, September 2018