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Another kind of logistics is possible

Since 2004, VEJA has entrusted its logistics to vulnerable, disabled, and sometimes socially excluded people.


© Xavier Faltot

ASF's mission: to fight against exclusion through work.

We inaugurated our first warehouse with Atelier Sans Frontières which managed our logistics. Everybody thought we were crazy, but we grew up with Ateliers Sans Frontières and we did miracles for 16 years. During these years, +275 people found a job and stability.

VEJA grew so much in the past few years that 2000 m² of ASF became too small. 

We realized that we did not have enough space and that the team had to grow.

Carine, Log'ins employee

© Ginevra Formentini

Sandra, Log'ins employee

© Ginevra Formentini

We decided to set up our new logistics warehouse at Log'ins (Logistics & Insertion). This organization works with lightly disabled people and takes care of their social inclusion.

From production to the operators themselves, the company adapts and supports every single individual of their teams, for them to find a professional future.

In a safe and adapted workspace, this group of people in integration programs work 35 hours a week in VEJA's logistics activity. About eight supervisors and five support staff are there to help them figure out what to do next, through internships and training in line with their career plans.

In 2023, +200 employees recognized as disabled workers were supported by Log'ins.

90% of these employees had health problems when they arrived, 25% had housing problems when they were hired and 40% had not worked for more than one year.

During their time at Log’ins, they all refine their future projects and build their confidence to reintegrate themselves into their professional life thanks to the support of VEJA.

+ 388 people

have found a job and a situation after working for VEJA logistics since 2020 through Log'ins.

Atelier Sans Frontières employee

© Studio VEJA

Log’ins warehouse located in Villabe

© Ginevra Formentini